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My name is Mary Ann Powell and I'm an Author with entertaining stories for you.  Some are based on fact, some are fiction.

I'd love to sell you a book or two.   Here you can enjoy excerpts from some of my writings.   Please feel free to browse, and perhaps buy the books!  I love to hear from readers and you can e-mail me by clicking on this link:   author@LoafingHillsFarm.com

Mary Ann Powell


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Our Neighbors

Few things are more delightful than strolling onto the deck on an early autumn morning with a handful of scraps for the birds.   They have learned my behavior and oftentimes come swooping around even before the first handful has been tossed.   And the squirrels!   They come running across the deck rail toward me, cautious but not fearful.   One of them, bold and healthy-looking, snatches a peanut from my open palm.  Running a few feet away, he stops.  Sitting up while holding the peanut between his hands, the feast proceeds with a wary eye toward me.

Old Duke, our dog, lies near the door on the deck, enjoying the balmy weather.   No doubt he senses that winter will soon be upon us.   Stretching with a lazy yawn, he surveys the scene.   Sampling the air with his graying muzzle, he no longer has the energy (or the ambition) to chase the animals, a fact that they're well aware of, ignoring his presence except for an occasional glance now and then.




Often things just pop into my mind, vivid fanciful daydreams of other places, times and events, scarcely noticed in our everyday routines.  A big secret of writing, I think, is to catch them when they come by.

To the left is a snippet of a story resulting from one such.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did while writing it.  There are more, galore.